During the next 15 to 20 years more than $8,000,000,000,000 in assets will be transferred from decedents to heirs, charities, and the Internal Revenue Service.  That's more wealth than in all the previous years combined. Moreover, the single largest beneficiary will be the IRS.

How that wealth changes hands and whether it becomes involuntary philanthropy to the government depends on the estate plan you implement today.  Estate planning is like a game of chess. Each move impacts strategy.

The Wealth Transfer Group, Inc. researches the options, presents the implications of each alternative, weighs the consequences, and makes recommendations. We are in business to empower you to achieve your estate planning goals.


Where Do We Begin?

We start with your goals and what you want to do with your estate. We take the time to understand your intentions.

We may have the map but you are the navigator. For any destination there may be a limited number of routes and landmarks but the various combinations create endless choices.

The Wealth Transfer Group, Inc. puts your goals into simple language and translates strategies into easy to understand diagrams. We explore the possibilities with you. We provide the information for you to discuss with your family, attorney, and accountant.


Why Do We Do It This Way?

We believe our clients need to design their own plans. It is crucial that you thoroughly understand your wealth transfer plan now because you will not be here to make changes and corrections when it goes into effect.


What Service Will Be Provided That I'm Not Already Getting?

We do not offer legal counsel or tax advice. We are not accountants or financial planners. Our only business is comprehensive estate planning. Our only concern is being the experts in this very narrow field of wealth transfer for estates exceeding $10,000,000.


What Makes Our Approach Different?


By its very nature, estate planning and wealth transfer are evolutionary. Individual goals change. Family needs change. Charitable interests change. Forms of wealth change. And, tax laws always change.

The Wealth Transfer Group, Inc. constantly studies the changing wealth transfer environment. Our sole business is to provide each of our clients the tools and techniques they need to make informed decisions that can be implemented expediently and successfully.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours...optimal wealth transfer.